Director of Customer Success

Director of Customer Success

I'll give Mosiac props on owning their job descriptions – I definitely think a person wrote this.

Mosaic | "Competitive" comp not given

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Steph's Notes:

As such, you will be interacting on a daily basis with some of the brightest (and hardest working) professionals in finance – and exposing them to a solution

I don't know about you, but I try to avoid exposing things to people, solutions or not.

4+ years of experience in Customer Success, Customer Experience, or related fields at sophisticated, enterprise workflow SaaS application providers.

Not any of those podunk, hillbilly SaaSes.

Outgoing, friendly, and confident – not afraid of rejection or easily intimidated by intense personalities.

Boy, that sentence is telling a whole story, isn't it.

If you find yourself waking up every day seeking: To gain a profound understanding of an important but opaque part of the business world (private equity).

Oh do I! I mean, who doesn't wake up every day wanting to gain a profound understanding of private equity?

I'll give Mosiac props on owning their job descriptions – I definitely think a person wrote this.

Original Job Description: Director of Customer Success

About the job

Mosaic – the world’s #1 Digital Deal Modeling™ software platform led by a former Private Equity Principal & HBS alum – is looking to hire a proven, passionate leader to professionalize and scale its Customer Success function in step with recent customer growth.

This is a rare opportunity to join a young, growing team in bringing modern, purpose-built technology to a massive industry that is still predominantly using generic software from the 1980s (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, Word & Outlook) to power multi-billion-dollar investment decisions.

Mosaic serves investment professionals at some of the world’s largest private equity firms, corporate development teams, investment banks and hedge funds. As such, you will be interacting on a daily basis with some of the brightest (and hardest working) professionals in finance – and exposing them to a solution that can (i) save them time out of their 60-100(!)-hour workweeks and (ii) eliminate math errors on analyses potentially supporting multi-billion-dollar investment decisions.

Who is Mosaic?

Mosaic is passionate about introducing best-in-class technology to the world of professional finance. We are a first-to-market SaaS startup based in New York City focused on augmenting outdated Excel-based workflows in private equity, investment banking, and corporate development. Mosaic’s software enables these deal makers to conduct financial analysis on new acquisition opportunities (buying entire companies) more quickly, accurately, and completely than possible before - giving them an ‘edge’ over other bidders competing for the same acquisitions.

Over our 3+ years in operation, Mosaic has built the private equity industry’s first deal model automation platform and sold it to some of the largest private equity firms, pension plans and corporate development teams in the world. Our existing customer base collectively manages over half a trillion in assets, and Mosaic has been used to analyze completed acquisitions worth tens of billions of dollars.

We were “bootstrapped” for the first couple years of our journey, but recently raised equity capital to further build out the team and accelerate growth.

What will you do?

Who will you be working with?

This is a unique opportunity to build the foundation of Mosaic’s formal Customer Success function – working closely with a talented team of experienced Account Executives in our midtown Manhattan headquarters and reporting directly to the Founder & CEO.

You will also interact closely with our rockstar on-shore engineering team who truly embrace a continuous improvement mindset and are hungry for the feedback you will be receiving on the frontlines with our users.

Our Customer Success team (like all our customer-facing teams) will be expected to work from our Manhattan headquarters or be on site at our customers’ offices – this is not a work from home position. We want our team to be “all-in” when they’re working and fully unplugged when they’re not (see unlimited PTO policy below).

What are the challenges?

For 40+ years, the private equity industry has had a legendary run of success – helped significantly in recent decades by (i) very low interest rates and (ii) ever-expanding exit multiples (i.e., company valuations).

As a result, some private equity professionals have developed an “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality which we believe has impeded the adoption of technology to date.

In today’s market, neither of (i) or (ii) above are true anymore. The time for change is now.

Some industry participants are more open to change than others. All are very busy. The challenge for the Customer Success professional serving this end market will be to find the optimal balance of respectfully staying top-of-mind with users still on the earlier stages of the adoption curve without being overly demanding of their time.

Mosaic is also a sophisticated, analytical solution, so there will naturally be some expected ramp-up time until you can confidently onboard and train users without another Mosaic employee helping. We offer a comprehensive two week training program that provides a great head start - but significant learning will occur on the job as well.

What are the requirements?

What is ‘nice to have?

What is in it for you?

This is a full-time, salaried position at a well-funded, growing, and genuinely fun start-up where you will receive:

Other Perks & Benefits:

Mosaic + You = 🥰 or 😬 ?

If you find yourself waking up every day seeking:

…then Mosaic is definitely the place for you.

We're looking to hire people who take ownership, communicate openly, have an underdog mindset, and are excited to bring a totally new technology to an incredible industry. We encourage all candidates to apply even if your experience doesn't exactly match up to our job description. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workspace where everyone (regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and more) feels like they belong. We look forward to hearing from you!

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