Implementation Specialist

Implementation Specialist

Neither the title nor the compensation is aligned with the duties of this role.

Vero | $70k-$85k

Steph's Notes:

Neither the title nor the compensation is aligned with the duties of this role.

Original Job Description: Implementation Specialist

Leasing for the Future | Confidence for Today

VERO is a vertical SaaS platform, purpose-built to mitigate risk, increase leasing velocity, and consolidate vendors in the rental real estate workflow.  Our cloud-native platform handles everything from applicant pre-qualification through lease execution. 

VERO’s proprietary technology quickly and accurately verifies financial and personal information critical to risk mitigation and lease execution.  VERO creates trust and confidence in the leasing process by empowering property owners and operators to work more efficiently and profitably while simultaneously allowing applicants to maintain control of their own data and financial identity.



We strive to create passionate and results-oriented teams filled with open-minded people that can foster an environment of growth. We believe that by democratizing access to information, we can allow good ideas to percolate from anywhere and avoid siloed thinking. We work fast, hard, and with a focus on the fine details that allow our products to be delightful.

Roles and Responsibilities

Key Performance Indicators

$70,000 - $110,000 a year

VERO is growing. We share an excitement for best-in-class technology, serving our customers, and building unprecedented solutions for complex problems. It’s an exciting time to join VERO, and we’re looking for the best talent to help us build high-impact solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

If you are a high-performing team player who enjoys working collaboratively with others and you are willing to share and support diverse opinions, come transform leasing with us! Learn more at or follow us on InstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn.

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