Patient Service Representative

Patient Service Representative

I give them points for pay transparency, but deduct equal points for $18-$20/hr. That's shitty pay for someone with 5 years experience in "providing high-touch patient experience."

Midi Health | $37,000-$42,000

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Steph's Notes:

I give them points for pay transparency but deduct equal points for $18-$20/hr. That's shitty pay for someone with 5 years experience in "providing high-touch patient experience."

Work independently, as well as be part of the team, including accomplishing multiple tasks in an environment with conflicting priorities.

LOL no.

Opportunity to join a growing start-up at the ground level.

LOL no.

Original Job Description: Patient Service Representative

What is Midi Health?

Midi Health is expert healthcare delivered with compassion to women age 40+, specializing in holistically treating menopause and perimenopause. We embrace lifestyle interventions, prescriptions and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as well as naturopathic solutions. We use telehealth and team-based care to bring women the care they deserve. Committed to access for as many women as possible, we take most insurances (and also offer reasonable cash pay pricing for those that are without insurance).

Where is Midi based?

We are an entirely virtual company, so employees can live anywhere in the United States.

Position Summary

The Patient Care Representative acts as a liaison between patients, the practice and the healthcare system.The Patient Care Representative ensures that patients receive the care they need, provides support for new patient registration, assists them in navigating the healthcare system, and bridges other communications gaps. The Patient Care Representative also helps resolve billing issues, addresses patient complaints.


The Patient Care Representative is responsible for being the face of Midi to the patient, and is often the first experience patients have with Midi.


What we offer: 

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Y'all. Whenever a company mentions the actual benefits of a job as "in addition" to the PRIVILEGE and SPLENDOR of simply working for said company, as if being able to feed and provide for the health of your family is secondary to supporting an "iconic brand," well that is a major red flag.