Manager of Customer Support

Manager of Customer Support

Every time they talk about how fun they are, another venture capitalist gets a little red flag pocket square.

Homebot | $80,000-$100,000

Steph's Notes:

This company might overtake the last winner for whitest company I've seen.

From the Careers page:

We are Humbly Hungry
We are Courageously Authentic
We Challenge Limiting Beliefs
We Keep our Eye on the Ball, Hand in the Dirt and we do all of this TOGETHER, as a team, and we have fun doing it!

No, not sports metaphors! (Or the fun. Or the creative capitalization.)

Incredible Culture with ridiculously high eNPS scores + Glassdoor reviews!
Super Fun Quarterly Events


From the JD:

Proven ability to quickly earn the trust of key stakeholders; mobilize and motivate teams; set direction and approach; resolve conflict; deliver tough messages with diplomacy; execute with limited information and ambiguity

Some of this is fine and some of this makes me go HMM, guess which ones are which

Customer-oriented and calm in the face of challenge


Every time they talk about how fun they are, another venture capitalist gets a little red flag pocket square.

Awesome culture! Awesome coworkers! (seriously, have you seen Glassdoor?)

Okay, let's look at Glassdoor! Here's a selection of titles from recent reviews:

Look, I know it's not entirely fair to pick the worst reviews (even if they are among the most recent, ahem), but if you make such a fuss about FUN and CULTURE and how AWESOME you are, you better be able to back that shit up.

With the mortgage and tech industries being highly male-dominated, we're proud to be a tech company in the mortgage space with ~40% female employees across the organization.

What a weird and blatantly suspicious stat to brag about, considering this means the company isn't even keeping up with population demographics (women make up over 50% of the U.S. population and nearly 59% of the civilian labor force). And if they had an unusually high number of women in leadership or engineering, you know they'd say so. But stay Humbly Hungry, Homebot!

Geez, this might be longest review I've ever written. I'm gonna wrap this up succinctly: BINGO.

Original Job Description: Manager of Customer Support

Come join one of the best places to work in Denver! At Homebot, we believe that every team member has an important role to play in bringing our mission statement to life. How do we do this? By keeping a clear focus on culture and engagement, and creating an environment where people are valued! We connect people to make informed homeownership decisions together.

Homebot is a consumer engagement and education platform that keeps people connected to their home advisors (loan officers and real estate agents). Homebot empowers consumers with personalized and actionable financial insights to make informed decisions about the largest asset they may ever own, their home.

Our CX team is growing and we’re in need of an empathetic, results-driven Customer Support Manager to lead our incredible customer support specialists who support hundreds of our awesome customers daily. If this opportunity gets you pumped - perfect! Apply below and we look forward to speaking with you very soon!

This is a full-time position based in our Denver, CO office. (We have a hybrid work model in place that allows employees to split their time between working in-office and from home a few days a week.)


We are committed to providing competitive pay and benefits that are in line with industry standards. We analyze and carefully consider several factors when determining compensation, including skills, qualifications and professional experience, which can cause your compensation to vary.

This role has an annual targeted base salary range of $80,000 - $100,000, plus an annual 10% performance bonus target

For additional details on our total benefits package, please review the section “Why Homebot?” at the end of this job description.

The impact you’ll make by joining us:

Within 1 month you will:

Within 3 months you will:

Within 6 months you will:

Within 1 year you will:

Who You’ll Collaborate With:

What you’ll bring:

Who We Strive To Be as Homebotters:

Read about how we rolled out these values to the organization!

Why Homebot?

We believe in a collaborative, fun work environment. And when we say we have an awesome culture, we mean it. The team members, aka Homebotters, are not only passionate about our product, but also about how they interact with each other. We push ourselves every day to be better, challenge each other to continuously grow, and to have fun doing it. We are professional when we need to be and goofy when it’s time to celebrate a win.

We realize we might be a little biased so we encourage you to check out our Glassdoor reviews and visit BuiltinColorado’s Best Places to Work list (#91) and Best Midsize Places to Work (#44) for 2024!

With the mortgage and tech industries being highly male-dominated, we're proud to be a tech company in the mortgage space with ~40% female employees across the organization. We encourage you to check out two of our awesome BuiltinColorado’s articles featuring one of our fantastic engineers!

We appreciate and value what our team members do every day, so we offer some amazing benefits to reward them:


Our DEI Mission

Homebot values and is strengthened by diversity. We believe that everyone comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and each member brings different skills to the group. With that, we’re committed to ensuring equity within as many aspects of our organization as we can. Homebot is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we encourage all applicants to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment, transfer, or promotion opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation including transgender status, national origin/ancestry, genetics, pregnancy, disability, age, marital status, familial status or veteran status. We also encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description :)

More about Homebot

Problem we’re solving: The US homeownership market is the largest asset class in the world at $30 trillion but is essentially an “unmanaged” asset that causes people to leave billions of dollars on the table every year. At the same time, loan officers and real estate agents spent $20 billion a year on desperate attempts to maintain mindshare and loyalty with their past clients in hopes of gaining more repeat and referral business.

Our solution: Homebot is a client-for-life portal that maximizes repeat and referral business for lenders by empowering consumers to build wealth through homeownership. The award-winning client portal delivers personalized, actionable intelligence throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle to every client and prospect. With an average 50% monthly engagement rate, Homebot ensures lenders and agents remain the trusted advisors that consumers rely on to make informed decisions about the largest asset they may ever own, their home. It’s definitely a game-changer and we are truly making an impact.

Having launched in 2016, we're over 100 Homebotters strong and expect to continue that growth throughout the year. Join us! Check out our website at

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Y'all. Whenever a company mentions the actual benefits of a job as "in addition" to the PRIVILEGE and SPLENDOR of simply working for said company, as if being able to feed and provide for the health of your family is secondary to supporting an "iconic brand," well that is a major red flag.