Head of Customer Support

Head of Customer Support

One day I'll have a whole Bad Job Bingo session without a SaaS company claiming to change the world but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY

Passion.io | No comp given

Steph's Notes:

Follow your passion. Impact lives. Change the world.

One day I'll have a whole Bad Job Bingo session without a SaaS company claiming to change the world but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY

For a job description that's not that long, it is surprisingly inconsistent. They say they want someone who has experience "leading multi-faceted CS teams (not just support)" but then later say this role will be "leading all Support functions." I see this a lot when a) the person writing the JD isn't a CX professional or b) there's pressure to get a JD up because everyone's overwhelmed. Either way, it tends not to bode well for the position.

Use automation and AI to improve the customer experience, help them get answers quicker and rely less on manual interactions with the support team

I'm going to go with "a) the person writing the JD isn't a CX professional" because hoo boy does this sound like a senior leadership team that can't understand why its Support team is so slow when there's like 3 people and 10,000 messages and engineering is constantly shipping untested code on a Friday then peacing out. (Sorry, sorry, flashbacks, I'm fine now.) 🤯

The steepest learning curve you’ve ever experienced including regular career coaching sessions, internal and external training, coaching, and much more.

Is...is this supposed to be a pitch? Yeeeeaaaaah, this is deep in Tread Carefully territory.

Original Job Description: Head of Customer Support

Passion.io’s goal is to make the world more confident and passionate. We do this by empowering Creators to launch highly impactful mobile apps for a fraction of the cost. We are an international remote team of 70 people, supporting 8,000+ Creators and 700k+ end-users from all over the world.

We have an exciting opportunity for a Head of Customer Support to join our team. If you are an experienced professional with 3+ years’ Saas Direct experience in leading multi-faceted CS teams, driving automated, differentiated, retention-focused high speed quality support across the customer lifecycle - we would love to meet you 🤩


‼️ If you have experience in any of the below areas, that would be highly beneficial 🙌

What you'll be working on


What we offer you

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