Quality Assurance CX Specialist

Quality Assurance CX Specialist

Still no mention of benefits, still probably only offering $65k for an on-site non-entry level role in NYC.

Bilt Rewards | $65,000-$75,000

Steph's Notes:

Still no mention of benefits, still probably only offering $65k for an on-site non-entry level role in NYC.

Strong attention to detail with the intelligence to use critical thinking for solutions.

Love the casual ableism!

You're willing to share information, understand other perspectives, and consider new possibilities.

As opposed to, like, the dragon equivalent of a CX associate, hoarding info like gold pieces?

This is in the Responsibilities section:

Maintain an overall positive and supportive attitude toward leaders, colleagues, and key stakeholders.


Original Job Description: Quality Assurance CX Specialist

What is Bilt?

Bilt Rewards is the first program for consumers to earn rewards on rent and daily neighborhood spending while creating a path toward home ownership.

With an alliance of the nation’s largest real estate owners, Bilt Rewards enables renters in more than three million units across the country to earn points just by paying rent.

Bilt Rewards boasts one of the highest value rewards programs on the market today, including one-to-one point transfers to twelve loyalty programs allowing members to travel across more than 100 major airlines and hotel partners; fitness classes at the country’s top boutique studios; limited-edition and exclusive collections of art and home decor through the Bilt Collection, and the ability to use points for rent credits or towards a future downpayment.

Bilt has also partnered with Mastercard to create the Bilt Mastercard - the first and only credit card that can be used to pay rent with no fees



At Bilt Rewards, we believe in transparency and we do our best to make sure the company and our candidates are on the same page as it relates to compensation. In addition to posting salary ranges for our open roles, candidates should expect to be asked about compensation expectations and requirements early on in their interview process. Our goal is to highlight when expectations and Bilt’s salary range may be out of sync, and work with the candidate to determine whether it makes sense to continue conversations.

We are considering candidates with differing levels of expertise for this position. Leveling will be based upon your experience and performance in the interview process.

Where a new hire falls within a range will be based on their individual skills and experience, and how these competencies compare across other employees in the same role. Bilt's bands are designed to allow for individual compensation growth within the role. As such, new hires typically start at the lower end of the range. Bilt rewards performance and outcomes - should you join the company, you will have the opportunity to grow your salary over time.

The salary range for a QA Specialist (Customer Service) is $65,000 - 75,000  and will be eligible for equity and an annual performance-based bonus.

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