Director of Technical Support

Director of Technical Support

Uh. Buckle in, my friends, because this one is A RIDE.

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Steph's Notes:

Uh. Buckle in, my friends, because this one is A RIDE.

I'm not entirely sure the Goals and Ethos statements aren't a parody of corporate mission and values statements. Also, are the "Our Ethos" statements supposed to be read as a sentence? Am I supposed to read these like hieroglyphs? I AM CONFUSION.

Hire and retain great talent in a diverse and encompassing workplace.

What...what does that mean?

Do you love career challenges, forums in which to collaborate with bright colleagues, and an opportunity to truly make a difference…then you’re on the right Careers Page!

I swear to god if they list attention to detail as a requirement...

We are looking for a detail-oriented...


The random underlining. The changing font size. The different font colors. My eyes, they hurt.

Communicate clear vision and purpose across the business to help to draw the connection between direct support work and our broader company goals. 

This position reports to the VP of Global Support, so this begs the question: what is the VP of Global Support doing, then?

Have a direct communication line to executive leadership to discuss the department’s vision, performance and barriers that are preventing the team from achieving their goals.

This sounds at best ominous and, at worst, a recipe for disaster. Are you just skipping your boss, the VP, entirely?

Develop an effective resourcing model that accounts for all resources needed by the Technical Support business to service new and existing customers, as well as ensure quality and response time are not affected by turnover.

As my friend Nicole pointed out, how bad is the turnover that you're mentioning it in the job description you're using to convince people to do this job?

Identifying opportunities for a menu of paid professional services that the support team could deliver in order to generate revenue.

Because nothing says success and stability like using your support team to desperately mine for revenue!

Continuous improvement focus, identifies root issues and experiments with fresh approaches that challenge existing ways of working in a good way.


All Told…We’re a Culture that Truly Cares About our Employees, and Their Voice to Help Us Thrive!

What is going on at this company. Is the person who wrote this okay? Blink twice if you're being held hostage.

I don't even know how to end this one. I might need to walk it off.

Original Job Description: Director of Technical Support

Join the Winning Netwrix Team! 

About Us: 

We are a highly successful and rapidly growing technology company of over 900 dedicated professionals committed to making a difference in the world of data security. Organizations of all sizes utilize our products to protect their business-critical data and personal information of their customers and employees from cyber-attacks and data breaches. 

With over 15 years of expertise in the field, Netwrix continues its market expansion via innovation, rapid organic growth, and to-date over 9 key acquisitions. The company is also backed by the leading private equity firm TA Associates. 

Netwrix is headquartered in Frisco, Texas, and has regional offices in the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, and Pakistan.  Due to the pandemic, we have all moved to home offices, and have remained remote ever since. 

Due to continued accelerated growth, we are looking for a detail-oriented, highly skilled, and strategic Director of Global Technical Support to join our dynamic team. Are you an energetic and ambitious individual with a few years work experience and are ready to get your career on the fast-track in a high-growth, tech environment?  Working for Netwrix you will have an opportunity to make immediate business impacts while accelerating your personal career journey, surrounded by a positive and motivating team.  

About this role: 

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced professional to join our team as a Director of Global Technical Support at Netwrix Corporation. The Director of Technical Support reports to the Vice President of Global Support and is focused on transforming the Technical Support team departments from a supporting, reactive function into an innovative, proactive and strategic driver. The Director of Global Technical Support will oversee the Technical Support Managers focusing on developing, communicating and executing innovative strategies that will help increase efficiency and quality in the customer experience as well as communicating trends to the business about challenges the customers are experiencing with our product and services. This individual will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans, managing a team of network professionals, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve organizational goals. 


  1. Drive a Consistent, Quality Customer Experience: 
  1. Leadership 
  1. Establish Strategic Vision Through Data Insights 
  1. Work closely with Sr. Manager of Support Operations to maintain and improve use of technology to improve customer experience and enhance scale 

You are a good fit for the role of DIRECTOR if you have: 

What does success in the role of Director look like?  

Success in the role of a Director at Netwrix Corporation is multifaceted and involves achieving key objectives that contribute to the overall success and growth of the organization. Here are some criteria that define success in this role: 

  1. Strategic Leadership: 
  1. Operational Excellence: 
  1. Team Performance: 
  1. Cross-functional Collaboration: 
  1. Innovation and Continuous Improvement: 

Ultimately, success in the role of a Director at Netwrix Corporation is marked by achieving a balance between strategic vision, operational excellence, team leadership, and effective collaboration, all contributing to the organization's overall success and growth. 

Why You’ll Love Working at Netwrix: 

All Told…We’re a Culture that Truly Cares About our Employees, and Their Voice to Help Us Thrive! We welcome people across all different backgrounds and experiences and look forward to hearing from you!  

Netwrix is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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