Head of Business Operations

Head of Business Operations

Do not do a shot every time you read the words "competent" or "competence." You will die of alcohol poisoning.

Teal Platforms | $150,000-$190,000 USD; $200,000-$250,000 CAD

Steph's Notes:

Do not do a shot every time you read the words "competent" or "competence." You will die of alcohol poisoning.

Really, incompetent nincompoops need not apply.

In all seriousness, I'm actually a little torn on this one, because they actually do a decent job of avoiding at least some of the common startup pitfalls by explaining what "fast-paced" actually means to them.

On the other hand, the WE'RE WINNING!ness of it all is very startup-like and the whole job description has the vibe of a toddler who's just learning to talk and as a result calls everything that's vaguely fuzzy "kitty."

Original Job Description: Head of Business Operations

Teal is a venture-backed seed stage fintech company. Our mission is to build a profitable business, and our strategy is to win with boring competence.

Our customers are vertical saas companies and small business neobanks. Teal embeds accounting capabilities into their UX. This allows these platforms to evolve into a complete financial OS for the small businesses they serve.

Our product consists of REST APIs and documentation that our enterprise customers use to build accounting solutions for their small business customers. You can learn more about us at teal.dev.

We’re hiring a business operation lead to run the internal operations of our growing startup: we are growing from 7 to 12 people this quarter and will grow revenue >10x this year. This is a true startup roll-up-your-sleeves and wear-all-the-hats role that encompasses finance, HR, legal, operations, and investor/board management.

As we’re scaling quickly, you’ll constantly be creating new processes that are size appropriate, and replacing old ones that are no longer fit for purpose. This role entails a lot of ownership. We are a fully remote team working from Canada and the US. This role mostly involves working from home, with travel to offsites 4-6 times a year.

We are growing our customer base quickly, so we’re looking for more people of exceptional competence to join our team. If this is you, and you want to work on the future of embedded fintech products, please apply.

What you’ll do here

What you bring to the table

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Canada: $200k-250k CAD salary, plus stock options. No extended benefits.

USA: $150k-190k USD total compensation, with a choice as to how you allocate between salary and benefits. Plus stock options.

More about Teal:

We're a team of startup veterans building a successful company quickly. Teal could be a fit for you if you're looking to join highly competent teammates that focus on winning pragmatically.

Teal has a simple, no-frills culture. Our talent strategy is to offer high compensation and attract exceptionally competent people. We hire from across the US and Canada; we’re a remote-first work environment and always will be.

Teal was founded in 2023 by Ian Crosby, formerly Head of Financial Services at Shopify and co-founder/CEO of Bench Accounting, the largest SMB bookkeeping service in America. Teal is backed by venture capital from General Advance, Basis Set Ventures, Torch Capital, and Dash Fund.

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